Solfit, the new integrated solar PV (BIPV) system. Probably the fastest fitting solution in the world!


Glowsolar had the pleasure of testing out and installing a new integrated solar PV solution recently. This Solar PV system is something different to what is currently out there in the solar energy marketplace. No plastic frames, no fiddly flashings, no clamps, no brackets, and at a price point that can compete with the cheapest Building Integrated Photo-voltaic systems on the market.

It's an aluminium framed module, that easily interconnects with the panel above with a push fit and overlaps the panel to it's side forming watertight connections. Panels are attached to the roof batons with normal wood screws through the framework at the bottom of each panel. 

 A traditional lead flashing is used along the bottom of the system and an aluminium Velux like flashing used at the side and across the top, which is easy to slate or tile over. 

The wooden framework the Solar PV system sits on, is quickly installed, and once that's done the panels can each be fitted in a couple of minutes.

According to the manufacturer, there are plans in the near future to adapt the system, so it can be easily fitted to steel structures and frameworks aswell, replacing traditional roofing materials altogether.

 Pretty impressive stuff.

 Check it out on youtube here.