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Orientation and Pitch

A south facing, south-east or south-west facing roof with a pitch of between 30° - 45° is most suitable for solar, but East and West systems can also work, with research suggesting only a 14% drop in generation over the year. System can be fitted on roofs between 15° - 50°, anything outside of this and the panels will begin to lose performance. Flat roofs are ideal for perfectly angled frame mounted systems.


Your roof should ideally be free from shade for the majority of the day. Near shading by objects within 10 metres can cause significant losses in output, but can be countered by good design, micro inverters or optimizers.

energy performance certificate

Your home must have a EPC rating of D or higher before any install takes place to claim the full feed in tariff (FIT).

structural survey

On its own a solar panel isn't particularly heavy, but typically an average sized system can weigh 300kg. Most roofs will support this comfortably, but this is one of the things we'll look at during our site survey.