Solar For Farms

For farmers solar power is now the most popular investment for farmers diversifying and future-proofing their energy costs. As farmers are further unfairly squeezed on price for their goods, solar and battery storage can give them a bit of breathing room by reducing the costs associated with production.

Solar power systems continue to fall in capital cost, and in some circumstances may already offer a sound return on investment even in the absence of any renewable energy incentives.  Over 6 gigawatts (GW) of solar electricity capacity has been installed across Britain since 2010, half of this in the agricultural sector, and the technology is expected to make a substantial contribution to national renewable energy goals.

The emergence of modular battery energy storage systems from 2015 onwards is expected to make solar PV even more competitive and they could certainly be used in conjuntion with solar to bring down the electricity costs of associated with a dairy, milling machines, automated and farm buildings would seem perfect.

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